About Us

One of the longest-standing companies of the Anadolu Group, Çelik Motor was founded on February 26, 1960 as a limited company and was converted into a joint-stock company on May 14, 1970.

Having celebrated its 56th anniversary in 2016, Çelik Motor has been contributing to the development of the industry since its very first day. Çelik Motor has been active in the automotive industry under the same name and structure for more than a half century and has led the way in many fields of services. In this respect, Çelik Motor bears the title of Turkey’s oldest established company in its field.

Çelik Motor has made its first major leap in 1966 with the sales of Škoda pickup trucks. In 1985 the company acquired the distributorship for Lada cars and achieved great success with this brand. Lada quickly became one of the most popular vehicle brands of the period and Turkey’s best-selling imported automobile from 1989 to 1993. Çelik Motor acquired the Honda automobiles’ Turkey operation in 1986 and transferred to Anadolu Honda in 1992.

Having successfully positioned its brands among the best-selling nameplates, Çelik Motor is offering the South Korean KIA to motor enthusiasts since 2001. Çelik Motor has successfully made KIA, a globally rising brand, one of the key players in the Turkish automotive industry. Making the difference with its vision in technology and design, in Turkey, as much as across the world, KIA continues to raise the bar and to delight automobile enthusiasts.

As of 2005 Çelik Motor has entered new consumer markets, exploiting its innovative and entrepreneurial vision. The company’s fleet rental brand Çelik Motor Filo has become a key player in its field. In 2014, Turkey’s first 100-percent-national-capital corporate rent-a-car brand Garenta has ambitiously entered the market. Having decided in 2016 to consolidate all of its car rental operations under Garenta’s roof, Çelik Motor, today, shapes the sector with its two brands, GarentoPRO in long-term and GarentaDAY in short-term rentals.

In 2013 Çelik Motor has carried its long-standing experience to the digital platform and built the online second-hand automobiles auctioning site ‘ikinciyeni.com’. With an annual sales total of more than 15,000 vehicles, today ikinciyeni.com has become the leading automotive e-commerce platform.

A pioneer in the Turkish automotive industry, Çelik Motor will continue to offer customers innovative products and services through its brands and new projects.